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An avid mystery reader from a young age, Nichole Bennett has devoured Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allen Poe and Agatha Christie. She has also had an ongoing fascination with the supernatural—everything from angels and spirits to ghosts and hauntings. It’s only natural that she combine her two interests to create mysteries with paranormal twists. Nichole lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota with her husband, two daughters, three dogs and three cats. When she’s not writing, she can be found reading, knitting socks, drinking coffee, eating chocolate or spending too much time online. Abyss readers will find great delight in her titles offered here by Abyss.

sleeping bear

Life has finally calmed down for wife and mother Cerri Baker. That was until the annual Black Hills Motorcycle Classic and a murder atop a sacred Lakota site. Cerri is asked to use her special talents to assist law enforcement. Between her spirit guide and a pack of disagreeable fae, however, there doesn’t seem much hope of solving the crime before the bikers leave town.

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ghost mountain

Moving is stressful enough, but when Cerri Baker moves with her family to the Black Hills of South Dakota, she begins seeing things-things like murder. Named after a pre-Christian Celtic Goddess, Cerri has spent her life trying to avoid the spirituality and "hocus-pocus" her mother embraces. Once in the Black Hills, Cerri doesn't seem to have much choice as her spirit guide insists she find justice for a murdered man. As she struggles with her own destiny, Cerri must also convince the FBI that she is getting her information from another realm and not from first-hand knowledge of the murder.

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Sheila Englehart considers herself a believer with healthy skepticism, and has been on a continuous quest for knowledge of the afterlife for as long as she can remember. She’s had more “real” jobs than she’d care to admit, while indulging in frequent journeys through uncharted territory in her writing. She lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with her husband and dog. Sheila spins a gripping tale of spirits good and bad in her marvelous first Abyss novel, Warning Signs.

warning signs

What harm could come from attending a séance? Kellan Brooks finds it silly until she steps into a crack between her world and a place she could never have imagined. The local grapevine pushes her cleaning business down the drain, her boyfriend to running damage control, and a steady stream of troubled souls to the gate that has appeared in her apartment. Her writer’s block is broken, but the clear voice Kellan hears doesn’t belong to her. 

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Missouri born Donovan Galway spent much of his youth a slave to his rambling bone. After a short stint in the Navy, he moved to Phoenix where he studied Broadcast Journalism at ASU. He soon shifted his interests to literature and took courses in creative writing. As with most first novels, his was unpublishable and he elected to keep writing as a hobby and forged an unhappy career in banking. Nearly two decades later, he met a woman in Ireland who took notice of his hobby and convinced him to publish his works. Galway moved to Ireland, married the woman and has been writing ever since. Abyss readers will find great delight in his Fairy Trilogy and his particular take on the apocalypse.

Coming soon, Rain of Light and The Last Apocalypse


Children’s tales aren’t about murder. Bedtime stories rarely involve corporate corruption and ruthless, power-mad billionaires. Fairytales don’t center on environmental terrorism and the end of all life on earth. Grown up novels are never about lost fairies or magic. Or are they? A quirky, cast of disparate, yet totally believable characters makes up this haunting novel of faith, redemption and hope, all centered around a supernatural creature, the last of her kind. In the heart of it all is a beautiful, dying child—Feryl—drawn to an equally mortal being whose magical life is slipping away... 

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the fairy hunters

Feryl is back and Uriel’s Gift has changed everything, but a what cost? Her father was murdered and she was left with her cold-hearted mother. Intelligent and fiercely driven Karen Gabriel began to suspect something was wrong when the people in her company started changing. The closer they were to the “project” the more listless and zombie-like they seemed. Some zeal had survived and it seemed aimed directly at her. Having served her purpose, she was expendable. But Karen Gabriel was not one to lose a fight without throwing a punch.

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Rain of Light

In this final novel of the beguiling trilogy, the characters who have suffered, triumphed and struggled before us return to finish their epic battle. Feryl, Karen and Michael lead us through a life and death gauntlet of treachery, greed and opportunism. Once again their ally is the frail, powerful, marvelous creature Uriel.

Now available at $10.95 plus shipping and handling.

The Last apocalypse

Graham Singer has the highest possible ambitions--or maybe the lowest. Not content to be a pastor, or a state governor or even President of the United States, Graham has chosen to lead an all-out assault on creation’s most unassailable place: Hell. And he’s going to have a devil of time pulling it off. Readers can join in the fun, folly and fire--as well as the technological and theological questions that emerge when human beings strike out to undo the supernatural order of things. Donovan Galway’s marvelous, hugely insightful hilarious and challenging novel doesn’t just pull readers into an astounding world of fantasy never explored. It also forces us to take a deep look inside at our assumptions and truest moral character.

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J. R. Hobeck is a writer, poet, scientist and pharmacist. A native of the flatlands of northwest Ohio. He currently lives in Surprise, Arizona, with his wife, Jenni, his two children, Jake and Juli and his dog, Charlie. Hobeck's astonishing grasp of the possibilities of quantum mechanics and his abiding understanding of human nature are apparent and at full use in his Abyss novels.


An enormous, enigmatic object appears suddenly in a limestone quarry in the flat lands of the Midwest. A reporter, a security guard, and government operatives all seek the answer to what the object is, and why it has appeared. What they discover is not what any of them expect. This unpredictable thriller takes readers on a journey to the edges of quantum physics and also the inner reaches of the psyche. Each key character must come to terms with his or her past, as well as their common destiny.

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the winter

How did the Winter start and when will it end. A courageous, hardy band of survivors struggles to survive a cataclysm that threatens to wipe out the entire human race. In the process they discover strength they did not know they possessed, along with some awful truths about those they admired and trusted.

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Sarah Jilek was born and raised in DeKalb, Illinois, a town of cornfields and humidity. She is currently studying English Literature and Creative Writing at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and working at Grassroots Literary Magazine. She owes her love of reading and writing to J.R.R. Tolkien, John Steinbeck, and Sylvia Plath. Sarah is happiest while drinking anything with caffeine, and has cried at 80 percent of all the movies she has ever seen. Abyss readers will delight in her passionate, beguiling first novel.


During a period of enlightenment, the country of Riova is at war. But inside the prosperous and advancing city of Desrala, life is peaceful. At least on the surface. Jiada, a young and brilliant astronomer, works under the influence of her professor and secret lover, Audric. But when a more attractive young woman enters the bubble of Desrala, Audric forces Jiada to embark on a quest which he hopes will either rid himself of her or, if possible, give him the answer to the puzzle which has evaded him his entire life: how to cheat death. Throughout her journey, Jiada reflects upon her moral decisions and attempts to discern if she can ever be free of her damaging past. This novel follows her journey and the bitter conflicts—both personal and political—of Riova's rulers.

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Harry Margulies has written about romance, money, women, and other subjects he thoroughly enjoys but knows nothing about. The balance of his precious time is misspent as an internationally published cartoonist. Harry writes in numerous genres, but thankfully for those who love the paranormal, he has given us a marvelously entertaining, remarkably insightful entree into a brand new world view.


When a swimming pool salesman’s client drops dead during his presentation, he unwittingly becomes the recipient of information only one person on Earth is privy to – the knowledge of what happens to people when they die. Greg Simon is a regular guy. A widower with two daughters away at college, his days consist of time spent at the office, evenings of TV and a couple of beers. His uncomplicated life is rudely interrupted when he begins hearing voices and develops an elevated level of consciousness he can’t comprehend. His frustration mounts until he realizes he has inherited a unique ability to help others, and makes it his goal to do so... 

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Well-known author Dorothy McMillan returns to the world of suspense, intrigue, deception and surprise. At the top of her game, McMillan thrills her readers as she teaches them and leaves them wanting more. Abyss presents two of her titles, with more on the way.

The Gray green underground

Isabelle Warren's husband, Jorge, calls her on the phone four years after his death. This stunning contact launches a series of events involving clandestine human genetic testing, international intrigue and treachery. Isabelle is swept into an astonishing, world of danger and experimentation she could never have anticipated--and may not survive. 

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deadly urges

A late night thief is found dead on the redwood deck of Elizabeth and Andy Rosemond’s beach house. The thief is a victim of one of the most unusual deaths that the police and coroner have ever seen. The man apparently lost every ounce of his blood in only a few minutes. The autopsy shows his blood was pushed out of his body violently—from the inside. 
Detective Ted Bearbower takes over the case and finds himself overwhelmed by the familiar area and circumstances which he feared mirrored those of the grisly Brownstone serial killer. Brownstone killed his partner. Ted killed Brownstone.

Now available at $12.95 plus shipping and handling.