Bramble Patch: Erotic Literature for Men

try me on, by m.l. Joslyn

Jack Timmons had to be pushed and shoved into accepting the position of store manager for J. Annie’s, the trendiest and highest-grossing fashion discounter in Phoenix. He’s an experienced retailer, but with a background in sporting goods, not spaghetti straps. He’s quite surprised to discover that J. Annie’s is much the same as a nightclub serving chocolate-strawberry martinis or a theater screening Tatum Channing flicks. Girls are everywhere and the possibilities are endless. From young, sexy, uninhibited employees, to hot, extroverted customers who aren’t bothered by a man in the room, his days are filled with arousing, comical and provocative pleasures beyond the experience, or comprehension, of most men. Jack’s been handed more than a key to a clothing store; it’s a passport to sexual opportunities beyond his wildest imaginings.

M.L. Joslyn is a writer of erotica and erotic romance who resides in the very dry, not very wild west town of Scottsdale Arizona. Using his actual, less artistic-sounding name, M.L. pens commercial fiction and squanders otherwise productive time as an internationally published cartoonist.

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Meeting her eyes, he noticed she was blushing. But it wasn’t the blush of a prude.

How bold should I be? he asked himself, and then, go for it, you fool.

“Do you mind if I come in?” He didn’t wait for a reply. He simply stepped forward into the tiny foyer, while Britney stepped back.

“I just think you’re the most –” he said, closing the door behind him. Then he took her in his arms and kissed her, softly, tentatively.

At first he felt her stiffen, but then she gave in, opening her mouth to his tongue, moaning her consent and melting into his embrace, and Dain grew more confident.

--from, Forever a Philanderer 

forever a philanderer

When Dain Galdikas discovers his wife’s infidelity, he doesn’t confront her with her duplicity. He goes back in time to murder his wife’s mother to prevent the birth of his philandering wife. When he confronts his wife’s mother, a beautiful and sexy newly married woman, he finds he can’t go through with his original plan. Instead, he seduces her, but returns to his own present to find his wife still in the arms of another woman. His actions draw the attention of the Messiah, who attempts to save Dain’s eternal soul. But Dain returns to the past again, in time becoming obsessed with his wife’s mother, returning each time to 2014 to find slight alterations in his present, but always his wife continues to torment him with her betrayal. Will Dain ever be able to undo the pain she’s caused him?

Cagney Nowak is of Polish descent. Although the name Cagney is Irish and his father claimed that its meaning is “descendant of the advocate,” Cagney prefers to believe he was named for his father’s favorite actor.

A lifelong lover of reading, words and language, he has edited sev­eral erotic novels. Inspired by the works of others, and on a dare, this is his first novel.