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Here is a collection of outstanding non-fiction titles

from a variety of accomplished authors.


Pat Bertram is the author of a number of novels published by Indigo, including 
A Spark of Heavenly Fire, More Deaths Than One, Daughter Am I, and Light Bringer. Bertram’s first non-fiction book, Grief: The Great Yearning, is a compilation of letters, blog posts, and journal entries Bertram wrote while struggling to survive her first year of grief after the death of her life mate/soul mate. It is a perennial bestseller.

Grief the Great Yearning

Grief: The Great Yearning is not a how-to but a how-done, a compilation of letters, blog posts, and journal entries Pat Bertram wrote while struggling to survive her first year of grief. This is an exquisite book, wrenching to read, and at the same time full of profound truths. 

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Dr. Robert Borgman has received degrees from Harvard University, Wayne State University and Duke University. The author of more than two dozen peer reviewed articles on the treatment of mental health, prior to his autobiography he authored two other monographs. Roots of Futility  deals with neglected and abused children and their mothers in western North Carolina. He also penned Social Conflict and Mental Health Services. During his career as an instructor and mental health provider, he has tackled the most difficult and thankless counseling tasks. His astonishing story is recounted in this autobiographical tale.

Mourning at Midnight

“Just like animals. Why, God, hast thou forsaken me like this, putting me in this prison with these animals. They hoot and holler all night, the filthiest language I’ve ever heard. They kick and beat on each other. I’m so scared. Have mercy, oh Lord!” Such is the plaintiff cry of a psychiatric inpatient Robert Borgman was assigned to treat in his lengthy career counseling the most troubled of patients in the most difficult of facilities. Beginning in the 1960s as a student, Dr. Borgman served in a great variety of state mental institutions, criminal facilities and psychiatric services. He traveled extensively to compare mental health services in various nations. The result of his experience, insight and recommendations are breathtaking and riveting.


Dr. Linda F. Felker is the owner and president of Felker Consulting, Inc. She provides professional development analysis, leadership training, authoring, career guidance, and counseling. Of special interest to Clear Light readers, she is a writer of adult and children’s books, an editor and accomplished ghost writer. 


FRom victim to victory

Dr. Linda Felker was already a well-known author, counselor and consultant when Regina Lane approached her and asked her help in writing a first-person account of surviving the attack of a serial rapist and murderer. The result of their collaboration is a griping, harrowing story of terror, faith and ultimate justice spanning 25 years.

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Few businessmen will accomplish more in their careers than the lateTom Gilsenan. Brought from the University of Alabama, Birmingham, to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Tom was given the responsibility of breathing new life in the beautiful--but moribund--retreat facility called Grayland. He responded by turning into the most renown and copied center in the world. He has written about it, with Dr. Linda Felker, in Taming the White Elephant.

taming the white elephant

Naturally, the primary focus of this book, “Taming the White Elephant, is the establishment and successful management of the Graylyn Conference Center in Winston-Salem, NC.  However, it is also the story of Life, Business, and the incorporation of fundamental core values and beliefs necessary to create a well-rounded, balanced approach to that overall success. Thomas Gilsenan knows the meaning of these.  Providing the right environment for success is just as important as the content, steps, business plans, and marketing efforts.  Establishing and putting into action the governing principles and management body of a life, or of a business, are required to set the standard and launch a pattern of success.

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A native of Iowa, Dene has lived in North Carolina for two decades. She is a graduate of The University of Wisconsin Green Bay and has written professionally in numerous genres, including corporate publications, executive speeches, newspaper feature writing, and commercial videos. Most recently she penned the highly regarded novel of a Midwestern event—a story related by four first-person narrators, The Ninety-Ninth Reunion. She has co-authored two books of poetry, An Explosion of Toads and Swirls on a Green Plate. Her biography/memoir, The People Under the House, is a triumphant, bittersweet recounting of the life of her second husband, a Holocaust survivor who never escaped the demons of his youth. She currently lives and writes in Winston-Salem, NC.

The people under the house

Very few European Jews escaped the death camps of Nazi Germany. Of those who survived, nearly all had been successfully hidden by friends. A handful had no such friends and co-conspirators, but managed to stay alive through a rare combination of wits, intuition and luck. Werner Hellman was one of the latter. After liberation by the Allies in 1945, Werner opted to emigrate to the United States, where he became a successful toy designer. In 1962 he met Dene, a typical 20th century housewife with a frustrated yearning to become a working journalist. The two married four years later and began a 34 year saga of a love/hate relationship that was complicated by his (undiagnosed) post traumatic stress disorder and her struggles with the traditional status of women in the 20th century. This is their story, completed by Dene after Werner’s death.

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Susan Johnson graduated from Drake University with a BA in Sociology. She currently works with special education students as an Instructional Assistant for a school district in Nevada. She is proud to be a Christian. She enjoys hiking, baking and traveling. She makes her home in Las Vegas with her husband and Siberian cat Angel-Ann. Her memoir, Some Dreams Are Worth Keeping, is a very personal story of a life-long struggle with bipolar depression.

Some dreams are worth keeping

Bipolar is a condition which is affecting thousands of Americans. Susie Johnson’s book takes you inside the world of bipolar, letting you see what life is really like on the other side of the rainbow. Robert M. Cawley, Writer, Producer, Director, Professor, College of Southern Nevada

Susie Johnson’s memoir  is a must read for anyone who wants to share the inside life of a bipolar person and her family. She tells the raw story.  A definitive book about her roller coaster life in today’s world. Rena C. Winters, Author, In Lieu of Therapy

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