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Jim Lavis—a wise lover of wine, North Carolina and educating people—writes, “I hail from a Greek/Italian family, so it’s no wonder my Italian grandfather made his own wine.  From an early age, wine was part of a meal just like a fork and spoon.  When I came of age, I branched out and tried other wines.  I found that learning about the many facets of wine actually enhanced my enjoyment, and so it was no big leap when my wife and I opened a wine shop in North Carolina.  I continued my study of NC wines.  The more I learned, the more I enjoyed the wines.  One day it occurred to me there may be people out there like me.  This book is for them.”

My wife, Carol, and I opened our own wine shop in the fall of 2004 featuring over 220 North Carolina wines from across the state: coast to mountains, dry to sweet, and Vitis Vinifera to Vitis Rhontondafolia to Vitis Lumbrusca. In addition, Carolina Winesellers (our trade name), offered an equally sizeable eclectic selection of wines from around the world. The experience of tasting North Carolina wines from different geographic areas proved invaluable to me. It awakened a yearning within me to discover those things that determine the aroma and flavor of wines. Which components contribute toward the wine’s uniqueness? What factors can influence the outcome of the vintage? In answering these questions we begin to understand many of the factors that contribute to what we will someday refer to as a “signature” for North Carolina wines.

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Early on a Saturday morning, Groundhog Day, 1985, a young woman named Regina got out of her car in downtown Winston-Salem, North Carolina on her way to work.  Before she could step through the door, she was kidnapped at gunpoint and began an hour-long struggle to save her life. She became known as “The Integon Victim.” Now, thirty years later, the harrowing, uplifting, infuriating and intriguing details of her search for personal justice—for herself, other victims of the attacker and a man falsely accused—are brought to light in her gripping story.

From Victim to victory

For years, newspaper articles have stated that “The Integon Victim” refused to press charges against Willard Brown for rape.  They never explained why I decided not to press charges.  I need to set the record straight, and clearly define the specific reasons why I decided not to press charges against Willard Brown. A travesty took place; a judgment, with anger, distrust, and blame.  The Winston-Salem community heard the stories, shared our concerns for safety, and awaited justice for the guilty.  It has taken over twenty years to find more closure.

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Grounded in business and construction, Bro. Vance Moore came to the ministry later in life. He served various congregations as a bi-vocational minister and senior pastor before answering the call in 2006 to become the Pastor of Westside Christian Church and the Director of the Westside Mission Center in hurricane ravaged New Orleans. His accomplishments, wisdom and spirituality elevated him to the position of Regional Pastor in the Great River Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Within a few years, Bro. Vance left the regional staff to return to the ministry of rebuilding churches in decline. The miraculous story of his work in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina is told in this astonishing, uplifting book.

critical presence: it's a god thang

This is a dangerous book. This volume contains a multitude of true stories about ordinary people whose lives have been permanently, positively transformed because someone ministered to them at their moment of deepest need—or because they were the people who ministered to others at the moment of deepest need. There is a name for that experience. When a person is in profound need and someone reaches out in Christian love to render aid expecting nothing in return, it is called critical presence. This book tells the story of Westside Mission Center: the people who created it, who volunteered through it, who received help from it and who on account of it experienced spiritual transformation at a moment of critical presence.

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Dr. Michael Price holds a BA in History from West Liberty State College, West Virginia, an MA in American History from West Virginia University, A Master of Divinity from Brite Divinity School, Texas Christian University, and an Ed.D. in higher education administration from George Washington University. During a quarter century of parish ministry, Dr. Price has served churches in Louisiana, Virginia and North Carolina. Every step of the way he has practiced and preached the wisdom contained in his Clear Light in this manual of financial advice.

how to manage money like a minister

In these pages, I lay out what I feel are the best money-saving tips and countless cost-effective ways to cut everyday expenses.  From how to go about cutting costs on auto insurance to cutting educational costs, from what to watch out for when buying items such as clothes to when to buy food at the grocery store, and from knowing when to travel and how to stay for free, they’re all found within these pages.  More, I place them into 26 simple categories…one for each letter of the alphabet…so that you will not be overwhelmed with so many ideas you’ll stop reading after the first chapter.  --Michael Price

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Gwen S. Simmons, Ed.D., is the retired Director of the Counseling and Testing Center for the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. An internationally known and respected educator and licensed professional counselor, she is also a Licensed Clinical Addictions Specialist. Gwen has been a member of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society International since 1979. It is her desire to bring light and strength to teachers that caused her to write this book with the help of her colleague the late Lynda Tamblyn.

see jane not run

John F. Kennedy said, “...the course of civilization is a race between catastrophe and education.” There are no easy solutions to the decline in teacher retention. Without quality classroom teachers, public education is in jeopardy. This is not about a shortage of teachers but rather classroom teachers choosing not to remain in the classroom. Most education professionals who leave their chosen field do so not because they are unable to perform the jobs for which they were trained, but rather because they have encountered tremendous resistance to the successful completion of their professional tasks. This book is written for classroom teachers. It is not about pay, class size, work environment, enhanced benefits, nor public relations. It is not about fixing problems nor espousing techniques. It is about operating with intentionality at a more conscious level and offers a framework for seeking answers within oneself. 

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Bill Thompson has been a speaker and entertainer for hundreds of events celebrating The South. In the course of all that, he has written two books of essays—including the best-selling Sweet Tea, Fried Chicken and Lazy Dogs—as well as a collection of short stories and a play. His first novel, Celia Whitfield’s Boy, was nominated for the Sir Walter Raleigh Award as the best North Carolina novel of 2013. Now, with the capable photographs of Doug Sasser, Thompson has captured the heart and essence of the living South in this timelessliterary, photographic essay.

listen to the south wind

I have been writing about The South and the Carolinas, particularly North Carolina, for nearly thirty years in newspaper columns, magazines, plays and books. I like to think that I paint word pictures as I write about the people, places and events that are a part of who we were and who we are. As I looked at Doug’s pictures, I wrote down, not a description of the photos, but what I felt as I looked at the images. It was sometimes a story, sometimes a commentary or sometimes a poem. Occasionally, I would remember something I had written before and thought it worth restating. Over the years we have both traveled extensively throughout North, South Carolina, Georgia and the rest of The South. We have been able to see the diversity of the geography and culture. We have looked at the land and met the people. We have looked at what has changed and what has remained the same. We have also traveled to other places, some exotic faraway lands. But when we come back home, there is always a special feeling here that can’t be duplicated anywhere else in the world.

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The late George Wright lived a varied, tumultuous life of military service, academic achievement and business success. He was also a man of letters who wrote about travel, adventure, death and courage--all matters he encountered in life and described in his books. The stories of his childhood and adult years are found in his double autobiography.

The runaway, flyswatter

The Runaway is a riveting, rapidly moving autobiographical novel of a young boy, left on a doorstep who runs away from the only home he'd ever known at age 9 to avoid becoming a ward of the state. Follow "Little George" as he confronts and conquers one incredible challenge after another in the process of becoming a major man. Included as a bonus in this volume is a second intriguing and riveting autobiographical novel: Flyswatter. With elements of action, mystery, military intrigue and suspense, Flyswatter is a tremendously compelling read.

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