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Chasing a Cure, by greg player

Chasing a Cure

My name is Lilly Stone and the first word I ever said was “brain.” Maybe I overheard my dad, the town doctor, talking about one of his patients. Since I can remember, I collected these medical words. By the time I was six, I could name all 206 bones of the human body. Some kids study piano, some dance, and others tennis, but I learned everything I could about medicine.

I dreamed of putting all this knowledge to use some day- a day after years of medical school and training -when I was a doctor myself. What I didn’t count on was that day coming in the seventh grade! That’s when I met Andre. He was a boy my same age and height, but he was sick and shriveled. While my family loved medicine, his family had a deep distrust of doctors. I was stuck: no amount of begging would convince Andre to see a doctor, and my mind and my heart would not let it go.

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seance, by Mike Walsh


Aspiring artist, Laura Whitney, blinded by a lightning strike, receives a dual cornea transplant from a “medium” who died during a séance she was conducting. Although her sight was restored, Laura’s life becomes fraught with mysterious incidents and untimely deaths of people in her life. Her struggle to combat an evil “spirit” from biblical times, brought forth at that same séance, make an intriguing and thrilling tale. 

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snickers' nine lives, by Judie Holcomb-pack


In Heaven there’s a special place called Heaven’s End, far past the golden gates, at the end of the golden streets, in a tiny corner that can just barely be seen through billowing clouds called Heaven's End. Heaven’s End is just for animals – pets, to be exact. And one day, one of the pets who was supposed to go to heaven could not be found anywhere. Where was Snickers?

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