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The weight of the moon

Evelyn and Sidney Banks are accustomed to the best of everything. They never want for anything material, but yearn for and struggle with the things they could so easily give each other – love and trust. When their closest friends suffer a most unique and untimely demise, the Banks are forced to re-evaluate their shallow, unwavering lives. An unlikely counselor arrives who brings not only her indefatigable sex drive and joie de vivre to the sad sacks, but a common sense that Evelyn and Sidney struggle to embrace. With calloused veneers serving as shields and personal agendas as weapons, the three disparate personalities face-off in a compelling and comical battle. Will their faith in one another be enough to uncoil their deceitful pasts and free them from the weight of the moon?

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Harry margulies

Harry Margulies has written about romance, money, women, and other subjects he thoroughly enjoys but knows nothing about. The balance of his precious time is misspent as an internationally published cartoonist. Harry writes in numerous genres, but thankfully for those who love the paranormal, he has given us a marvelously entertaining, remarkably insightful entree into a brand new world view.


D.A. MacQuin was raised in Southern Illinois and earned a B.A. in Psychology from Hunter College in Manhattan, and an M.A. in English from Long Island University, Brooklyn. Polite Conversation About the Weather is MacQuin’s first story collection, a series of biting, insightful, brutal and beautiful vignettes, the book is certain to challenge and enthrall Deep Indigo readers.

polite conversation about the weather

Told through the eyes of eclectic characters intersecting over time between rural Illinois and New York City, D.A. MacQuin’s stories explore disillusionment in the pursuit of greatness, profound loneliness, and darkness driven by outsider status. 

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Leslie Margolin has been teaching counseling, sexuality, and writing at The University of Iowa for over twenty-five years.  Before that he was a social worker in psychiatric hospitals, including Bellevue in New York, where he saw, as a routine part of his day, the poorest and most unhappy people in America.  He entered academia in part as a way of escaping these realities,  which is probably why he began writing fiction.  His books include Goodness Personified (1994), Under the Cover of Kindness (1997), Murderess! (1999), Damaged (2002), and The Adulteress (2006).  The inspiration for his new novel Reborn Again comes from his unsuccessful efforts to become a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst in the 1970s, in particular, his recollection of how strangely erotic and insular those kinds of relationships could become. Margolin is married with two adult children and one grandchild.

reborn again

Have you ever really loved someone?  Someone who was a rare and magical person, a kind of genie, a man who, through his tender healing love, had the power to turn your life around?  REBORN AGAIN is the story of a woman who found someone like that. Maybe it was only in her head.  A crazy dream. But it felt real to her. So real and so wonderful she didn’t care that he was married.  Didn’t care that patients shouldn’t get intimate with their psychiatrist.  Didn’t care that the psychiatrist was selfish and shallow. Only one thing mattered. REBORN AGAIN is the story of a woman who would do anything to win the wrong man’s love.

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Paul Mohrbacher’s writing career began as a playwright. His first play, The Chancellor’s Tale, (The Dramatic Publishing Company) won first prize in the 1991 Julie Harris Playwright Award Competition and has received numerous productions and readings. The Magic Fault is his first venture into genre fiction. He lives with his wife, Ruth Murphy, in St. Paul, Minnesota, surrounded by grandchildren.

the magic fault

The Shroud of Turin—claimed to be the burial cloth of Christ—is stolen from a chapel in the Cathedral of Turin in the fall of 2004. The Shroud is probably the most famous relic in the Roman Catholic Church, even if perhaps a fake. Are the thieves fanatical enemies of the church or extremist followers? The Shroud becomes a pawn in the millennia-old clash of civilizations: on whose side is God? 

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Born in Cleburne, TX, in 1920, Odell Myers grew up in Tyler. The day after Pearl Harbor, he received his orders to begin Cadet training as a pilot and on July 25, 1942, was commissioned a 2nd Lt. in the USAAC. During his service in North Africa, he was shot down on December 4, 1942. For the next 900 days, he was in and occasionally out of Italian and German POW camps. After the ward, Odell was a Technical and Marketing Communications executive in the aerospace industry, as well as a writer and editor. 

Coming soon, For Want of a Word

the irreversible life of mann

Ripe with irony, humor and realism, Odell Myer’s novel of young men called away to war simultaneously grips and embraces readers. Drawn into the narrative, readers soar and triumph—and crash and burn with the Myer’s characters. His story has an astonishing ability to transport his listeners back to that period of time when very young people, through sacrifice and heroism, set the future course of human history. All the while they expressed their humanity in laughter, tears and love. 

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for heaven's sake

A glitch similar to crosstalk in old telephone systems or a geomagnetic storm’s widespread interference with electronic systems might account for these e-mails. They purport to document the posthumous career of a famous but often legendary figure. Their format is virtually the same as e-mails on earth’s Internet. Minor variations are self-explanatory. This fanciful, hilarious narrative recounts the possibilities when one of the more famous residents of heaven decides he needs to make a change. 

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Ernesto Patino grew up in El Paso, Texas. He is the author of three previous novels, In the Shadow of a Stranger, Web of Secrets and The Last of the Good Guys. One Last Dance  is the first published for Deep Indigo readers. He currently lives in Southern Arizona where he divides his time between writing and working as a private investigator. Please visit Ernesto’s website:

one last dance

Marco Anissi comes out of a comma, days after his car slams into a light pole—the same pole he had crashed into exactly ten years ago, killing his fiancé, Susan. Coincidence? Not to him. Her spirit has reached out to him in a way he would understand. If it had happened on a different date, in a different place he would have missed it entirely. With the help of Susan’s mother, Marco learns that a woman named Julia Tinsley had received her daughter’s heart. She lives in Tucson where she works as a dance teacher. Obsessed with the idea of reconnecting with Susan’s spirit, Marco travels to Tucson.

Now available for 12.95 plus tax.


Author Marietta Rodgers lives in North Carolina with her family and pet gecko. She enjoys reading satirical authors such as George Orwell, Kurt Vonnegut and Joseph Heller. She holds two bachelor’s degrees from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. She loves pop culture, cult films, singing off key to cheesy 80’s songs and is an enthusiastic coffee drinker. 

looney bin, incorporated

In a world where corporations maximize profits by exploiting their workers, one company, Looney Bin Incorporated, has it down to a science. Looney Bin Incorporated is making crazy a mission, which is not just their goal; it's their company logo. Crazy Bob, Drake and Potbelly are three friends and workers/patients at Looney Bin Incorporated, who gradually become aware of what the company actually is, a highly profitable chain of insane asylums.

Now available for $12.95 plus tax.

the bill

One part political thriller, one part rollicking satire and one part insightful examination of today’s culture, Marietta Rodgers’ marvelous first novel, The Bill, engages readers on intellectual and emotional levels. Humorous, gritty and fearless, the novel is as rewarding as it is challenging. The story and its characters stay with you long after you’ve finished reading The Bill. 

Now available for $10.95 plus tax.


Robert Romaniello is a Vietnam veteran, husband, father and cancer survivor. He studied English Literature at Los Angeles Valley College, and at Brooklyn College in New York City. Robert has traveled throughout the world as a young man and also throughout his 30year career as a Quality Manager, for major automotive manufacturers. Marble Mountain Memoirs is Robert’s maiden sojourn into the world of Semi-autobiographical War novels.

marble mountain memoirs

A Diagnosis of stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma caused by Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam 35 years prior launches the author back into the depths of his soul as a young man, the soul of America at war, and the enemy within. 

Now available for $12.95 plus tax.

michael rose

Michael Rose writes for a labor union in Washington, D.C., and he has reported on issues in K-12 education since 1986. Prior to that, he covered a variety of beats for several newspapers and news services in the Washington area. His articles and profiles have won awards from the Maryland-Delaware-DC Press Association, the Education Writers Association and other organizations.  This is his first novel.

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Gracie of hobbs county

Gracie is a therapy dog trained to calm kids at a school in deep Appalachia, where the biggest dream that folks can have is getting out. She has a gift for uncovering stress: not to heal it, but to give the world a bead on its target. Who gets to keep Gracie? That is the question driving this dystopian farce, a coalfield Lassie Come-Home with one weird, wonderful mutt at the center.

Now available for $13.95 plus tax.


M.C. Schmidt is the published author of several children’s poems and short stories.  In 2005, he placed second in the Half Priced Book Say Goodnight to Illiteracy children’s writing competition.  Blue Flame is first--and very successful--foray into mainstream fiction. He is a married father of three.

blue flame

Wade Capp is a twenty-year-old college student who has sworn never to return to Carvel, Ohio or to Arthur, the father he hasn’t seen since his mother’s fatal car accident. When Arthur’s attempted suicide leaves him in a coma, Wade learns that he has the sole legal authority to remove his father’s life support. Wade returns to Ohio with Jeanine, his closest friend and occasional lover, where they encounter Matilda, the only person in Carvel who cares if Arthur lives or dies. Intercut with Arthur’s own chilling memories, Blue Flame is a hopeful tale of forgiveness and redemption. 

Now available for $10.95 plus tax.


Deborah Tadema grew up in Port Stanley, Ontario,.  She met her first husband in high school, moved to St. Thomas and had two daughters.  Many years later she gained two stepsons when she married her current husband.  Deb and Harold now live near the village of Bayfield. Deb holds a diploma in “Short Story and Fiction Writing” and continues to work with a vibrant, challenging critique group. Beyond her  work in manufacturing and retail, the greatest portion of her time isdevoted to her writing.

Coming soon, Abandoned Honor  Restless Honor

no honor between brothers

Everyone has at least one weakness.  Mitch Wilder’s is women.  He has always been fussed over, coddled and protected by them.  At thirty-nine, he hasn’t slowed down.  Mitch still sneaks from bedroom to bedroom. Mitch has inherited his father’s shipping company, with the stipulation that Mitch must hire his stepbrother, Tom Fleming.  Other than the fact that Mitch hates Tom, he has also discovered that Tom had an affair with the woman Mitch loves, Claire Lester.  

Now available for $13.95 plus tax.


Chuck Tindell inspires and challenges in this fictionalized account of a boy growing up in a time and setting that is at once heartwarming and fearful. The seeds of adulthood are unfailingly planted in a youth through Grandpa’s Legacy. Chuck and his wife Carol have three sons and four grandchildren. Oil painting, ventriloquism, baking bread, canoeing, jigsaw puzzles, collecting hourglasses and especially writing are among his interests.

grandpa's legacy

Charles Tindell inspires and challenges in this fictionalized account of a boy growing up in a time and setting that is at once heartwarming and fearful. The seeds of adulthood are unfailingly planted in a youth through Grandpa's Legacy. 

Now available for $15.95 plus tax.


After spending twenty winters in Ohio, where Joshua Truxton completed a Liberal Arts education at Kent State University, a winter in Alaska with the Weather Bureau, several more in Korea, and in the Manhattan office of one of the worlds leading financial institutions, he did what many sane people do; Josh relocated to Florida. In 1992, he decided to try his hand at writing. He has since completed numerous novels, articles, and several dozen short stories. Encouraged by his writing success, Josh decided to close his business in order to pursue my goal of becoming a successful, published author. His seventh novel is the first to be published for Deep Indigo readers.

alex, peanut butter and me

Sometimes the most insignificant act inflicts the gravest wound.  Recently divorced Phil Hayes marries Susan; before the year ends,  he stands at her grave with the intellectually challenged son from  her first marriage, 20-year old Alex. They could be your next-door  neighbors. The struggle to overcome the maze separating the two,  and to surmount today’s problems: the ruptured economy; the  upside-down housing market; unemployment; car trouble; dating  problems; and excessive drinking make this a story of today’s  world. It’s as fresh as a tweet. It will bring a tear to your eye, put  
a smile on your lips, and warm your heart. 

Now available for $12.95 plus tax.