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Gracie of Hobbs County, by Michael Rose

Gracie of Hobbs County

GRACIE OF HOBBS COUNTY observes small-town life through the eyes of a therapy dog,  a canine trained to comfort students at a school in deep Appalachia. The problem is that this dog remains at heart a “flusher," good at rousting game from mountain scrub. Her training and nature combine to make Gracie superb when it comes to rooting out anxiety from the human heart—a gift that eventually puts her in jeopardy. She is stolen by a charming old scoundrel, a stock trader who uses the pup to flush and fleece the weakest hands at his cross-town business, the Luxor Trading Room & Pawn Shop. Gracie becomes an unwitting pawn in his new approach to the markets: dog-assisted trading.

Betrayal, by A.J. Mccarthy


Victoria Anderson is a woman on a mission. That mission takes her from her home state of Florida to Quebec City, Canada in the middle of winter. Unfortunately, Danny Wilcox, the person she wants to find and return home with happens to be one of the most wanted criminals in the Province of Quebec.

one last dance, by ernesto patino


Marco Anissi comes out of a comma, days after his car slams into a light pole—the same pole he had crashed into exactly ten years ago, killing his fiancé, Susan. Coincidence? Not to him. Her spirit has reached out to him in a way he would understand. If it had happened on a different date, in a different place he would have missed it entirely. With the help of Susan’s mother, Marco learns that a woman named Julia Tinsley had received her daughter’s heart. She lives in Tucson where she works as a dance teacher. Obsessed with the idea of reconnecting with Susan’s spirit, Marco travels to Tucson.

ghosts of the imperial, by Amanda Crum


Lucy Garside is dead, a ghostly orphan at 19. The Imperial Theater welcomes her back with open arms, and while it was the place of her untimely death, she feels safe there. The afterlife--though not particularly dangerous--is a scary place. She’s plagued with questions about why her family members never appear in the land of the dead, and what happened to her best friend--Ben--after his suicide. But what Lucy must learn, after three-quarters of a century, is that the land of the living is often much more horrifying. 

The deputy's widow, by Jennifer busskohl


Secrets . . .1948 is ending and things couldn’t be much worse for Detective Hamilton Baker. It stars with a phone call from Diana Kramer. With a voice like a teaspoon of honey drizzled over Lauren Bacall, she begs Baker to find letters she’s written to her lover, Sheriff’s Deputy Chester ‘Chet’ Ferrebee. Chet’s getting hitched to another woman and Diana wants the letters back where they belong . . . with her. Hours after the wedding, when Chet turns up dead in a roadside motel room, his new bride beaten and unable to remember the attack, Baker fears his mysterious client may be involved. As he searches for the letters, he unwillingly digs into the past of the sleepy town of Crane Haven, New York and uncovers the dangerous secrets of a group of men who shattered a young girl’s mind and her chance for happiness years ago.

Some Dreams Are Worth Keeping, by Susan Johnson

Some dreams are worth keeping

Susie Johnson’s memoir  is a must read for anyone who wants to share the inside life of a bipolar person and her family. She tells the raw story.  A definitive book about her roller coaster life in today’s world. --Rena C. Winters, Author, In Lieu of Therapy

Susan Johnson graduated from Drake University with a BA in Sociology. She currently works with special education students as an Instructional Assistant for a school district in Nevada. She is proud to be a Christian. She enjoys hiking, baking and traveling. She makes her home in Las Vegas with her husband and Siberian cat Angel-Ann.