Saber Books--Thrills, Mayhem, exotic destinations and no end to the danger

espionage, death from the sky and upon the sea, double dealing, revenge and justice—all at breakneck speed and carried off splendidly by these  saber authors.


Delray K. Dvoracek is a former college teacher of German and Russian.  During his Air Force enlistment as a Russian linguist, he spent a year in Turkey and three years flying reconnaissance missions in a C-130 aircraft. His background, expertise and creative abilities give us a selection of intriguing international thrillers. Coming soon, The Lady from Prague and The Guys from Fargo.

the prague double

When a CIA agent on assignment to Prague turns up dead, Washington scrambles to find someone who can take his place. Phillip Garner, blackmailed into the job, becomes the double, but he has no idea that he is headed on a rollercoaster ride of espionage and murder. 

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the guys from fargo

Beautiful Pam Allison, also known as the Princess, is one of the guys who meets regularly at the Powers Hotel for morning and afternoon coffee. When it appears that someone is blackmailing her on a past event she was not proud of, the guys from Fargo take it upon themselves to root out the blackmailer and save their young damsel from scandal and the wrath of her jealous husband as well. The guys who make up this group are Reggie, the obnoxious college teacher, Snuffy, the broke antique collector, Paul, the loudmouth insurance man, Radio Sko, the senior member, and Johann, an artist who thinks big and paints bigger. 

Now available at $14.95 plus tax.


After graduation from the University of Middle Tennessee, Charles Patton served as a Naval officer and pilot. After the military he worked in industry as an engineer and plant manager and presently works in local government. Recognized for his work in historical fiction and non-fiction, with Oriental Flyer he pens the sort of espionage thriller based on close knowledge and vast experience.

oriental flyer

When a spy’s activities at the National Reconnaissance Office are discovered a chase starts in Washington, DC and continues half-way around the world. He has released classified satellite photos of present day American POWs in North Viet Nam to the Chinese Embassy. A CIA satellite intercepts the Embassy’s transmission of the photos sent to Beijing. The spy is chased along the Mid-Atlantic coast, through the islands of the Caribbean, Venezuela, the Terror Flight to Iran, Iraq and the Indian Ocean. 

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At age 13, Paul Stam hunted big game in Africa with his father, not as a sport but to provide food for the station. He’s had a leopard’s face six inches from his own in the middle of the night where the only thing protecting him was the mosquito net. He has single handedly sailed a 38 foot ketch from Tahiti to Hawaii. Another time with only his wife and 13 year old son on board sailed their 42 foot cutter through a hurricane. Born the son of missionary parents in the Congo, Paul has always loved to write and no matter where he was or what he was doing tended to scribble down the things that came to mind. Among other things Paul has been a construction worker, university teacher and administrator and a sailboat skipper. Now at 81 Paul is retired and lives in Hawaii where he spends a lot of time on the potter’s wheel making bowls and mugs and at the computer writing.

Also coming soon from Paul Stam: Endangered Species

Murder sets sail

Chris doesn’t know when he charters his sail boat, the AHWANAH, to George Harris for a three-month cruise to Tahiti and other South Pacific islands that George plans to high-jack his boat. George needs the boat to rendezvous with a sailboat out of Hong Kong carrying a hundred kilos of China White. One week out of Honolulu George commandeers the boat and heads West to rendezvous with the other boat. 

Now available at $13.95 plus tax.

a short, futile life

Arrested as a traitor and a spy, William Reitz has been imprisoned in place of complete darkness, deprived of counsel, any awareness of the outside world, and of hope. Even as he contemplates his dire circumstances, someone begins to communicate with him. A friend? Or is this treachery meant to deceive him?

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Don Tompkins grew up in central Illinois, graduating from Bloomington High School. He spent over ten years in the U.S. Navy, serving most of that time in various intelligence assignments and earning the Vietnam Service Medal, the Joint Service Commendation Medal and a Certificate of Merit for Intelligence duties. After leaving the Navy, Don had a successful career in the corporate world as a senior executive. The response to his first novel has compelled him to write a sequel that he is now completing.

I minus 72

Ted Mason, the President-elect, has seventy-two days until his inauguration. There’s a lot to do, but it’s all overshadowed by a  threat on his life. A torn piece of paper with his name, another name, and his inauguration date was found on the dead body of a former Soviet informant. People are dying at an alarming rate. Too many to be a coincidence. All were part of the same intelligence network initially set up decades ago within the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) by now-retired Air Force Colonel Grant Thurmond. Only he has the inside knowledge necessary to stop the assassin. Thurmond must search for the killer while the killer searches for him. Will he be able to find the assassin? More importantly, will he be able to do it in 72 days? 

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The late George Wright lived a varied, tumultuous life of military service, academic achievement and business success. He was also a man of letters who wrote about travel, adventure, death and courage--all matters he encountered in life and described in his books. 

walking out of the canadian wilderness

Walking Out of the Canadian Wilderness is a story of adventure, love and triumph. Josh & Mary are the lone survivor of a plane crash, lost in the wilds of the “Great White North.” Josh’ survival skills and her growing affection see them through Canadian winters, illness, childbirth and human treachery. Once again George Wright spins a triumphant tale. 

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Grief stricken, physically ill, despondent, the old man sold all his possessions to take one last hike in the wilderness. The trek, full of danger and excitement, turned out to be the start of a new life--and an unforgettable adventure.

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Yaweta is the brutal but beautiful, vicious but uplifting story of a young man who must escape from his native Ireland after avenging the murders of his parents. An act of selfless courage wins him a lasting place in a new home among a people desperately in need of the fearlessness, experiences and passion he possesses. An epic saga of adventure in the pre-colonial New World. 

Now available at $12.95 plus tax.