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Everybody loves zombies, out-of-control robots and secret friends, right?

Meet our mid-grade authors 


R. M. Clark is a scientist for the Department of the Navy, a children’s book writer and a geocacher. He never entered a science fair contest as a student, but now wishes he had. Clark lives in Massachusetts with his wife and two sons and is currently at work on his latest middle grade novel. 

Coming soon from R.M. Clark and Indigo Sea Press: Center Point and Dizzy Miss Lizzy


Amy, Amanda, Marshall, and Ziggy expect their middle school to be empty on Saturday morning so they can get ready for the regional science fair. They don't expect a botched experiment to attract a horde of time-displaced ancient Mayans when their unusual science adviser, Frederick Froth, goes missing. Now the four must use their must use their unique science skills and work together as they grapple with a Mayan War god, the Dark Rift and the principles of science to rescue Mr. Froth.

Now available at $9.95 plus tax.

Kate Ristau

Kate Ristau is an author and folklorist who writes young adult and middle grade fiction. In her ideal world, magic and myth combine to create memorable stories with unforgettable characters. Until she finds that world, she’ll live in Portland, Oregon, with her husband, her son and her dog.

Clockbreakers is now available for presale at $11.95


On her eleventh birthday, Charlie receives a key to go back in time. But time travel isn’t easy. Before she blows out her candles, Charlie lands in Greece with her best friend Maria and her former best friend Trent. She’s a Clockbreaker, stuck in a Greek myth, on an action-packed adventure with a mission: to save her father, and perhaps even save the world.


Sara K. Wall, an educator and interpreter for the deaf, comes from several generations of writers. Having circulated her stories among family and friends for years, she was at last persuaded to submit her work for publication. The results were immediate, with the publication of the highly regard  novella Enchanted Beast, followed by Christmas After Woodstock.  With the success of those two young adult titles, she turned her attention to mid-grade readers with the fantasy story Where Did You Get Your Tiger, Robert


Robert is moving up to middle school, which is difficult enough. He is also taking along his best friend, Boo the Tiger. Boo is talkative and very smart. He gives Robert good advice just when he needs it. The problem is, only Robert can hear what Boo says. Robert’s mother wonders if he needs counseling. Alton, the biggest bully in middle school, is determined to grab Boo and get rid of him. It’s not easy being the newest, youngest kid in middle school. This short novella is rooted in wisdom and yet grows in many unexpected and fanciful ways. Mid grade readers up to adults will find its story challenging, moving and lots of fun.

Now available at $12.95 plus tax.