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The most beloved, most read genre in all of fiction is romance. romance novels are fresher, more challenging, more passionate and more engaging than ever.


Amanda Crum is the author of The Fireman's Daughter and is also an artist working on a degree in Illustration. In 2008, she was awarded first place by WritingRoom for her short story Three Perfect Cigarettes. She currently works as a web journalist and lives with her husband and two children in Kentucky. Newly released by Indigo is her marvelous Star-Crossed novel.

ghosts of the imperial

Lucy Garside is dead, a ghostly orphan at 19. The Imperial Theater welcomes her back with open arms, and while it was the place of her untimely death, she feels safe there. The afterlife--though not particularly dangerous--is a scary place. She’s plagued with questions about why her family members never appear in the land of the dead, and what happened to her best friend--Ben--after his suicide. But what Lucy must learn, after three-quarters of a century, is that the land of the living is often much more horrifying. 

Available now for $11.95 plus tax.


Prolific and passionate, Sherrie is our bestselling contemporary romance author. Her settings are seamlessly authentic, as are her characters and dialogue. Sherrie has the marvelous ability to draw her readers into the narrative, where they rise and fall with the tension, humor and affections of utterly believable individuals and situations.

love notes

Hope Anderson’s heart is finally starting to thaw. 
Even Tommy Love’s is melting around the edges. 
They both want Rainbow Lake Lodge. Only one of them can have it. For Hope, recreating the past - reopening the lodge and seeing it bubbling with families, children, and laughter again – means new life. It’s the only way she can honor her late husband's legacy. 

Available now for $15.95 plus tax.

night & day

Two souls, a Scandinavian man and an American woman, dwell in distant parts of the globe. Each is a mature adult and each feels an abiding sense of being unfulfilled. Fate draws together these two star-crossed lovers who are so alike, and yet as distinct as night and day.

Available now for $15.95 plus tax.

stormy weather

An ill wind is brewing up a storm and as usual, Rachael Jones is in the middle of the fray. If the local banker succeeds in bulldozing the Victorian houses she's trying to save, she's in for yet another rough time before the skies clear. The only bright spots on the horizon are her friendship with Luke... and her secret rendezvous with Mac...Is Rachael meant to weather the storm with Luke, who touches her heart and soul so intimately, or with Mac, who knows each sweet secret of her body?

Available now for $15.95 plus tax.

wild rose

When Ian MacCraig tries to capture the thief who is stealing artifacts from his kirk in Loch Awe, Scotland, the last thing he expects to find on his video is a woman engaging in a passionate romp under the flying buttresses. Rose Wilson is mortified to learn that Digby, the online friend she met for what she thought was a harmless rendezvous, is a common criminal. Now that Ian, the board of Wilson Enterprises, the constable, and half the town have had a glimpse of Rose in all her naked glory, it seems even her family looks at her differently... 

Available now for $15.95 plus tax.

blue belle

Isabelle doesn’t want to be found. Michael doesn’t want to be found out. When Damon starts searching for the centuries-old gold he thinks is buried at Tobermory Bay, it won’t matter what walls they are hiding behind. Rocks will fall. Castles will crumble. No secret will be safe. Age-old castles and blue-watered bays; white sandy beaches and quaint cottage stays; a rainbow of colors, and chocolates—hand dipped; a valley of bluebells, and sheep—freshly clipped. Legends galore, buried treasure and more . . . in Tobermory, Scotland, that’s what’s in store. 

Available now for $15.95 plus tax.

merry go round

Tracy's supposedly perfect life as a pastor's wife and mother of three is turned upside down when her husband leaves her for a man. Clay Alexander's charmed existence starts spinning out of control when his father threatens to shut down Maple Valley 's woolen mill - unless Clay conforms to his family's expectations. Is Tracy and Clay's love meant to be, or will they forever be on opposite sides of the merry-go-round?  

Available now for $15.95 plus tax.

shy violet

A bagpiper whose music spans the centuries. A pirate ship that goes where it will. A castle with a troubled history. Violet is fleeing the present only to collide with the past -- and run headfirst into her dream. Shy Violet - the adventure continues with another Wildflowers of Scotland novel. 

Available now for $15.95 plus tax.

thistle down

Can tenderhearted Pastor Ian MacCraig keep a pair of prickly sisters from marrying the wrong men? Emily Downey has found the perfect groom. If only she loved the man... Chelsea Downey is wild about her boyfriend. Trouble is, he’s two-timing her and everyone sees it but her. 
Their thorny situation gets even stickier when the church ladies come up with a plan.  
Can Pastor Ian MacCraig weed out the thistles and get to the heart of the matter in time to save the day?  

Available now for $5.50 plus tax.

water lily

Once upon a very long time ago, Jake Sheffield and Michelle Jones graduated from the same high school. Jake can't wait to take a trip down memory lane at their 20th class reunion. Being with his old friends is like guest starring in a favorite episode of Cheers. Everybody knows your name. Everybody's glad you came. The last thing Michelle wants to do is dredge up a lot of old memories and relive a part of her past that wasn't that great in the first place. Will the murky waters of the past destroy their dreams for the future, or will a water lily rise from the depths and bloom?

Available now for $15.95 plus tax.


Passionate writing comes from the heart of this holistic soul. Known for work that blends fantasy and reality, legend and unique creativity, Janette evocative prose pushes the limits in every respect.

sonya recovered

Sonya is a smart woman on a mission to get her career started by moving to the Windy City and nothing is going to stop her! Well, that is nothing except a broken down car in a rural place too strange for words--that and the interference of ancient Greek gods.

Available now for $12.95 plus tax.


Graduating from being an avid reader to writer was a natural progression for Lucy Muir, who writes both nonfiction and fiction books and articles. Her first published book was a Regency, and ever since historical romance has been a part of her repertoire. Lucy particularly enjoys including historical characters in her stories and discovering interesting facts to share with her readers. Other activities Lucy enjoys include playing the harp, baking, and spending time with her many pet cats and rabbits. She has blessed Tendril readers with a volume containing many of those elements.

Lucy Muir

Double Masquerade

Miss Catherine Trevor is quite happy with her life at her father’s estate of Rosemont and does not regret choosing to remain unmarried at the advanced age of nine and twenty. But she realizes she will eventually be dependent upon her brother if she does not establish her own household. Hearing that Lord Edgecombe, an unmarried marquess, will spend the coming autumn at a neighbor’s estate, Catherine determines to bring the peer to an offer. Despite the disapproval of her family, who had hoped she would accept the hand of her long-time friend and neighbor, Lord Woodforde, Catherine goes forward with her plans to capture Lord Edgecombe’s interest.

Available now for $12.95 plus tax.


Rachael Stratford’s life mirrors that of some of the characters in her books: a professional career woman, she has always possessed an unquenchable allegiance to the farming life of her youth. After a lifetime time of working, studying human nature and writing, at last she has begun to share her literary gifts. Her books reveal a marvelous ability to spin a tale, drawing her readers into the lives of well-drawn characters, the dangers they face and the romance they seek. Enter her world and enjoy.


endure and prevail

Anna Shelton survived the betrayal of her love at the hands of her high school sweetheart. She built a perfect life by managing a working farm, caring for her widowed mother and raising livestock. She even acquired true, loving companions—her beautiful, trained horse Smoky and her fearless, faithful sheepdog Casey. Admired by everyone who knew her, sought out for her many abilities, Anna had at last escaped the treachery that marred her past and built a life just right for herself. Well, it would have been if only someone hadn’t kept trying to kill her. 

Available now for $12.95 plus tax.

right of trespass

Ellen wakes one morning with nothing more than an inner sense that something just isn’t right. It doesn’t take long before this attractive divorced woman discovers that her beloved brother Bud is missing—and something has been added to her world as well. A handsome, abrasive stranger—Zack—has moved into the farm adjacent to her little paradise where she raises cattle and grows flowers. Her world has been turned upside down, and it will never be the same. 

Available now for $12.95 plus tax.


He says he is grateful to live in an age when men as well as women are allowed to write romance novels. Lazarus’ titles appear in several Indigo genres, but his first published novel was a romance, and he is still writing diligently to complete his Mountain Woman Romance Series.

caddo creek

Graduate student Koral Walker has a lovely, relaxing spring break in mind—just walking through the budding beauty of springtime in the Ozarks. Beginning with the mechanical failure of her faithful, old Toyota and the intervention of a threatening, compelling stranger—who seems strangely familiar—the next four unpredictable days propel her forever from her serene, scholarly world into a series of dramatic, passionate mountaintop dramas. 

Available now for $9.95 plus tax.

lacey took a holiday

Lacey Took a Holiday is the story of a desperate act of love and the cascade of irrevocable changes it begins. Lacey, the most unlikely heroine, has been betrayed and abused by the men in her life. Andy has lost everyone he ever loved tragically. This 1920's mountaintop romance breaks every rule. 

Available now for $12.95 plus tax.