How to submit your work to be evaluated for publication

It's easy to submit your literary work to us. Just send the first chapter, up to 30 pages (as an email attachment), along with a synopsis, the total word count of your manuscript and a little about yourself to We will respond to your submission in four weeks or less. . . . And if  we do not offer you a contract, we will explain why your manuscript didn't work for us. You can also ask us any questions not dealt with below in the submission FAQ by going to the Contact Us page.

FAQ about Submitting to Indigo Sea Press:

Is Indigo a tradition, royalty-based publisher? Yes. While our authors do not receive an advance against royalties at the signing of a publication contract, they are paid the sales royalties they accrue on a bi-monthly basis.


What genres does Indigo publish? Currently Indigo publishes almost genres and sub-genres with additional imprints currently being developed. Please go to our genre page to see sample titles. Submissions in each genre are now being accepted.


How long does it take for Indigo to evaluate and respond to my submission? You should receive an initial response in four weeks or less. There are a variety of possible responses—both positive and negative, but they are all personalized for the author who is submitting—you’ll receive no simple form letter rejection from Indigo.


May I resubmit a manuscript that Indigo has previously turned down? Yes, provided that significant work has been done to address any concerns our readers/editors expressed.


Does Indigo accept simultaneous submission? Yes. An author should know, however, that submitting a simultaneous submission will not speed the review process.


If Indigo offers a contract for my manuscript, how long will it take before my book is published? Our target launch date is no more than five months from the date a contract is signed. For a variety of reasons, occasionally the author and Indigo may intentionally set a release date farther into the future.


Will my book be published both as a print and e-book? Yes, print and digital versions of titles are simultaneously launched.


Where will my book be available for sale? Books published by Indigo may be purchased via catalog from any bookstore; from Amazon as print book; from Kindle and virtually all other e-book portals in digital form; and of course from our own Indigo website. Bookstores have the option of ordering and selling Indigo books, but in that approximately 200,000 print books are released in the United States each year, a bookstore must have a compelling reason to purchase and sell the titles of emerging authors.


If Indigo publishes my book, how do I get copies of it? Authors receive a small run of complimentary copies of their book when the title is first released. Additional copies are available to the author at a fraction of the cover price.


Does Indigo help authors sell their books? Yes. While Indigo is a publisher and not a publicist, the company is heavily involved with its authors in a variety promotional undertakings.

Is Indigo a POD publisher? All publishers are POD publishers.“POD” is an acronym for “print on demand,” which refers to the ability and practice of creating small book runs on the spur of the moment. In this sense, all publishing houses are now POD publishers, because even the largest publishers now have the ability to create book runs of under 1000 copies. Larger publishers in the past have used the term “POD” in a pejorative way to denigrate small and medium publishing houses, even though they use the very same processes. Like any large publishing house, Indigo has the ability to create small digital press runs and also to create large offset press runs in the thousands.