Affairs of the heart

are best guided by the spirit

It's a grave mistake to believe those truths that speak to our souls cannot also speak to our hearts, transforming and completing us in the most important ways. veracity books give us the opportunity to read the words of these authors who express so well the spiritual realities beyond our passions and attractions.


Raynene Burgess has been writing both romantic fiction and inspirational non-fiction books for over 15 years. She lives in Lake Junaluska, North Carolina with her Dad and her poodle, Fifi. Veracity readers will encounter her faith as well as her profound insight into human relationships.

Coming soon from Raynene is a second Veracity title: Second Chances

Merry's Go round

Carousel owner Merry Anderson is asked to restore three antique carousels in the town of Sebring,  Florida, and as she goes about the completing this work she enjoys so much, she is  taken back by the relationship that develops between her and Duncan Hawthorne, the man who is building an amusement park outside of Sebring. Mystery and suspense emerge as well when it becomes clear that someone doesn't want that amusement park built and will go to any lengths to prevent it. Duncan and Merry are pulled deeper into danger, quickly realizing it's up to them to figure out who's responsible and how to stop them.

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In 2007 Ashley earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of North Carolina Wilmington, graduating Summa Cum Laude. As a North Carolina Teaching Fellow Alumna, she works at West Forsyth High School as an English teacher among the most devoted and skilled departments in the state. Remaining devoted to life-long learning, Ashley has participated in National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminars/Institutes, taken financial and art classes, and traveled worldwide. Beyond her knowledge and experience, it is her faith she shares

valerie's vow

Valerie Campbell doesn’t believe in miracles anymore; in fact, she’s not sure she even believes in a loving God. How can she when there is so much pain and suffering? Each day is a painful reminder as she goes through the motions of living, but inside she is dying a little more with each passing moment. Remembering her vow to Beth, Valerie knows she must keep her promise even if it cost her everything. And it might. First an unpredictable motorcycle ride with a stranger, then a dangerous biker brawl brings chaos to her normally ordered life. When her job is threatened because of these new decisions, Valerie has to make even tougher choices about life, love and God. Will Valerie’s vow teach her the true meaning of a miracle, or destroy her chances for happiness forever?

Available now at $11.95 plus tax.


Edith Gleason lives in Paulden, Arizona. She lives with her husband David, dog Penny and cat Paddy. She began writing when living in Nevada. When she sits down to the computer the Lord sits with her. With his inspiration and wise words together they create wonderful stories to inspire and encourage all those who read them. She has also attended writer’s conferences. Her goal through her writing is to reach other’s for the Lord.

after the rains

In the 1860’s in Butte, Montana, Angel Winters wants to be a teacher. Her family experiences disastrous rains that could ruin their livelihood. Will she accept prejudices and Langley Williams’ proposal in order to help her family? Or will she go against the grain, continuing to be a teacher and hoping to find true love?

Available now at $11.95 plus tax.


Prolific and passionate, Sherrie is our bestselling contemporary romance author. Her settings are seamlessly authentic, as are her characters and dialogue. Sherrie has the marvelous ability to draw her readers into the narrative, where they rise and fall with the tension, humor and affections of utterly believable individuals and situations.


Hope Anderson’s heart is finally starting to thaw. 
Even Tommy Love’s is melting around the edges. 
They both want Rainbow Lake Lodge. Only one of them can have it. For Hope, recreating the past - reopening the lodge and seeing it bubbling with families, children, and laughter again – means new life. It’s the only way she can honor her late husband's legacy. 

Available now at $15.95 plus tax.