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fine literature is a time machine

only well-conceived, beautifully expressed literature has the power to transport us back to those past, distant, misunderstood worlds from which we emerged. 


Carol Pearce Bjorlie, a native of Richmond, Virginia, and a Minnesota resident for fourteen years, has a degree in Cello performance from East Carolina University, and a MFA from Hamline University. She writes a monthly column, The Poet's Voice for Rapid River Magazine of Art and Culture in Western North Carolina. Behind the Cello, published by Main Street Rag in 2012, is Carol's idea of singing on the page. Her second poetry collection, Impossible Brightening, is forthcoming from North Star Press. Weathered Voices is fortunate to offer readers her Harmony Trilogy, the saga of life in rural Minnesota in the mid-20th century.

life in harmony

Book three of The Harmony Trilogy, begins with a problem. Martha Rose, a kindergartener, has punched a little girl in the stomach! Iris can't get over a new boy's artwork at school. A family moves to Harmony! A blizzard almost kills Oscar's father. There is a cave mystery, death and burial of a beloved animal, and Iris takes up horse racing!

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sweet harmony

In 1937, Iris Andersen turns 13. Along with her parents and her sisters Merry Columbine, 9, and Martha Rose, 3, Iris finds herself moving from Richmond, Virginia, to the farming community of Harmony, Minnesota. This move takes her farther from and ironically closer to the idea of home. She and her family are drawn into the world of an Ojibway healing woman and other Native Americans. Severe weather, serious illness and the loss of distant loved ones present obstacles the Andersens must endure. The biggest surprise comes when the family decides to return to the South. 

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perfect harmony

After Iris Andersen's first year in Harmony, Minnesota, she and her family cross the threshold of "new" and move closer to "belonging." There's an adoption and a birth in the family, a wedding, and nightmares. The Andersons miss Greenfield Lutheran's Christmas Eve service - again. Iris and Martha Rose are present for a death, and an angel visitation. Laughing Sky shares a secret, and Iris' burning question is answered. 

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Bud Fussell was born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and moved to Mount Airy, North Carolina, in 1967, where he currently lives. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Jane. Bud and Jane have three sons, seven grandsons, two great-grandsons and one great-granddaughter. He is retired after spending many years in the apparel and hosiery industries. In recent years he has devoted himself to the rare, unique pursuit of allegorical novels. Four of his five titles are built upon the figures in the biblical family of David. 

Coming soon, Whirlwind


In his third novel, Redemption?, Bud Fussell reveals the stark contrast between good and evil in one enormously powerful family. The intrigues, passion and drama are as current as today's headlines--yet as ancient and timeless as recorded history. With his third novel, Fussell has emerged as a writer with keen insight into human nature that he uses to impact his readers as he spins his unforgettable tales. 

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Serendipity, the fifth allegorical, historical novel by Bud Fussell, draws to a close the story of the Shepherd clan. A family of great wealth, achievement and conflict, the Shepherds have exemplified the best and worst of moral virtue, human longing and spiritual seeking. The long saga  culminates in the story of twin brothers Johnny and Jimmy and the young woman who loved them both. 

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Whirlwind is Bud Fussell’s sixth novel, a complete departure in many ways from his allegorical books of the past. Yet Fussell’s well-known, beloved themes are still present here: ordinary people attaining greatness, moral challenge, intrigue, betrayal, heroism and love on the grand stage—and in the air. Indeed this is a double love story, told intricately in the middle nail-biting suspense. Reader—be prepared to get caught up in the Whirlwind!

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In his first novel, Bud Fussell has penned an epic: a struggle between two very different brothers; a pioneer man of the early 19th century building a family and an empire; a troubled soul far from home encountering travel and grace. Jake is the Scoundrel, an unforgettable character living out a saga that remains in the reader’s mind and heart long after the book is finished. 

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In his second novel, Bud Fussell has moved from historical fiction to modern settings and modern problems--that are eerily reminiscent of the most timeless themes: men of power and hubris forced to face the consequences of their actions and the cunning, resourceful women who must cope with their machinations. A page turning read. 

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mixed emotions

In his masterful tale, Mixed Emotions, allegorical novelist Bud Fussell draws together the disparate threads of his three previous works: Scoundrel, Shepherds and Redemption? In doing so he draws the reader both back into a reconsideration of the ancient roots of these compelling stories, and also makes it undeniably clear that the passions, failures, victories and moral realities of historical figures are being lived out today as well. In simple, elegant prose, Fussell reveals the human side of the mighty and the triumphant potential of ordinary human beings. 

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Tony R. Lindsay lives in Winston-Salem, NC with his lovely wife and aristocratic cat. He tools around in a 1966 pickup and likes to boast that his wife and TV both work. Tony is an avid storyteller at civic events and Open Mic. His five grandchildren will tell you that Grandpa never lets the truth get in his way of a good story.

Lucas Lee, his forbears and descendants

Lucas Lee survived unimaginable cruelty by making choices that no  one should have to face. He did what had to be done and wreaked  revenge on his persecutors. He discovered that not every Southern white person was evil and not every Yankee was motivated by noble thoughts of freedom for everyone. His descendants persisted and even prospered in the mist of humiliation. They found time for humor and enjoyment of life in spite of the racial prejudice that persists to  this day. 

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After graduation from the University of Middle Tennessee, Charles Patton served as a Naval officer and pilot. After the military he worked in industry as an engineer and plant manager and presently works in local government. Recognized for his work in historical fiction and non-fiction, with Oriental Flyer he pens the sort of espionage thriller based on close knowledge and vast experience.

centaur of the savannahs

Centaur of the Savannahs, formerly titled Crousilleau, is based on the true story and family saga of Dr. Jean Formy-Duval and his family who had to flee the terrors of both the French Revolution in 1789 and ten years later the Haitian Slave Revolt with a dramatic escape to coastal North Carolina. The legend of this family has been handed down to their descendants from one generation to the next ever since. This outstanding fictional retelling of the story is authentic, award winning and spellbinding.

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mary sheppard

A native of Lewisville, North Carolina, Mary Sheppard and graduate of Elon College, Mary Sheppard has lived a life of literature that spans generations and demonstrates beyond a doubt that fine writing and intriguing stories never go out of style. She is the author of more than a dozen novels and the winner of the Sir Walter Raleigh Award for the best North Carolina work of fiction. After a raising her family and living out a professional business career, at last Mary has returned full time to writing fiction, and her readers once again applaud the superior quality of her work. 

Coming Soon, Shenandoah Pride

Coming soon: Shenandoah Pride

Shenandoah Pride is the third book in the Hills of Pride trilogy, Mary Sheppard's concluding tale in the entrancing saga of a nation, a valley, a community and a lovely young woman living through the War Between the States and its aftermath.

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the hills of pride

Award winning historical novelist Mary Sheppard returns to writing marvelous novels after a twenty year absence with the first novel in a gripping trilogy. Jamelle Montgomery begins the saga as a sheltered ingénue, an impressionable teenage girl of the South. With each fear, loss and threat she endures, her innocence is progressively stripped away and a resourceful, wise, strong young woman emerges. Then there are two young men, one in gray and one in blue, each with a claim upon her heart. The story begins in Virginia's hills of pride. 

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the valley of pride

The Valley of Pride is the second book in the Hills of Pride trilogy by renown author Mary Sheppard. Accurate to the smallest details, The Valley of Pride continues the saga of war-torn Winchester, Virginia, the little town that changed hands eleven times during the War Between the States. This is also the story of Jamie Montgomery, a young woman who should be coming-of-age and preparing for her wedding and entry into society . The war, however, has carried away her beloved Clay, and his family has rejected her. Even as she prays and waits for the end of the war and the hope of Clay’s return, fate brings into her life another man, a Union officer, handsome and compelling, who also seeks her hand.


Bill Thompson has been a speaker and entertainer for hundreds of events celebrating The South. In the course of all that, he has written two books of essays—including the best-selling Sweet Tea, Fried Chicken and Lazy Dogs—as well as a collection of short stories and a play. With the capable photographs of Doug Sasser, Thompson  captured the heart and essence of the living South in Listen to the South WindCelia Whitfield's Boy, his first novel, was nominated for the Sir Walter Raleigh Award as the outstanding North Carolina novel of 2013.

celia whitfield's boy

Celia Whitfield’s Boy is a riveting, bittersweet, funny and historically accurate account of a talented young man coming of age in a changing, challenging time. Set in the lumber country of eastern North Carolina in the early days of the 20th century, the novel allows us to watch the growth and challenges faced by of young people against a backdrop racism, economic change and politics. Written with great insight and unfailing authenticity, Celia Whitfield’s Boy transports, beguiles and awakens readers. 

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