Weeping Rose, Erotic Literature for women

      “May I kiss you?” he asked.

      “I wish you would, cowboy.”

      He put a hand behind her head and pulled her to him, giving her a long, sweet, electric kiss that immediately brought to mind the first kiss he had given her the day before. When he leaned back to breathe, he held her close.

      “I been waiting all these years to find someone I wanted to share this spot with.”

      “. . . What a beautiful thing to say.”

      “Well you’re a beautiful lady.”

      He gave her another kiss and, as he did, she pushed him flat on the ground and lay astride him. Pressing her lips to his, she pulled his shirt from his jeans and ran her hand up along his lean chest, pinching his nipple. And he responded by finding the bottom of her t-shirt and slipping his hands—hard and strong, but not rough—against her skin. He pushed her shirt upward until he came to her bra. Gently he forced it up and over her breasts and lowered her chest onto his.

      “Ah.” He closed his eyes. “Will you make love to me, Azulita?” --from Back in the Saddle

Pet the Teacher, by Stone Cruz

Pet had long since given up on anything like romance in her life. Then came the day when a stranger entered the elementary classroom behind her, startling her and beginning a chain of events that would utterly destroy her expectations and ignite within her a passion she never knew was possible. 

Back in the saddle, by Stone Cruz

Lisa Newsome, a certified nursing assistant, is trying to rebuild her life after a brutal divorce. Struggling to make ends meet as she completes her RN training, she is summoned to serve three days as a home health care nurse for a rodeo cowboy, LT Tolliver, who has been brutalized in lots of other ways. It turns out that each needs the healing the other has to offer--and a chance to get back in the saddle.

     “Is it uncomfortable to sleep on?”

      He shrugged.  “Not too bad.  Sit on it, if you like.  Notice that my upholstery is not leather but fabric.”

      Pet scooted off the passenger’s seat and sat on the edge of the transformed bench seat.  She bounced on it and then lay halfway back, supported on her elbows.

      “Leather gets cold, you know.”  There was a distant, distracted tone in his voice, as if suddenly he had something on his mind.

      Pet stared at him in silence.  And he gazed at her.

      Finally he said, “So, what do you think?”

      “. . . I think I really want you to kiss me.”

      Pet was shocked at her own words.  Never in her life, not even when she was dating Tommy—especially when she was dating Tommy—had she ever forwardly asked a man to kiss her.  Indeed, as she thought about it, she realized that even after she was married she had never asked Tommy to kiss her.  For the first time in her life, she almost felt wanton.  

--from Pet the Teacher