there is more than one truth out there--and many who are seeking

april arnold

Born in rural Central Texas, April Arnold grew up as a typical farmer/rancher's daughter. Even before she could spell or properly punctuate a sentence, she was writing stories by sounding out each word as best she could. In time, she developed both her love of and skills at writing. She writes what she knows, creating stories based on her own down-home experiences as well as her love of science fiction and fantasy tales. She enjoys singing, reading, wine-tasting, and entertaining her taste buds with fusion cuisine. And Abyss readers will relish the fanciful, rare delight of

Ghosts and Physics

nichole bennett

An avid mystery reader from a young age, Nichole Bennett has devoured Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allen Poe and Agatha Christie. She has also had an ongoing fascination with the supernatural—everything from angels and spirits to ghosts and hauntings. It’s only natural that she combine her two interests to create mysteries with paranormal twists. Nichole lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota with her husband, two daughters, three dogs and three cats. When she’s not writing, she can be found reading, knitting socks, drinking coffee, eating chocolate or spending too much time online. Abyss readers will find great delight in her titles offered here:

Ghost Mountain

Sleeping Bear

sheila englehart

Sheila Englehart considers herself a believer with healthy skepticism, and has been on a continuous quest for knowledge of the afterlife for as long as she can remember. She’s had more “real” jobs than she’d care to admit, while indulging in frequent journeys through uncharted territory in her writing. She lives in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with her husband and dog. Sheila spins a gripping tale of spirits good and bad in her marvelous first Abyss novel:

Warning Signs

Donovan Galway

Missouri born Donovan Galway spent much of his youth a slave to his rambling bone. After a short stint in the Navy, he moved to Phoenix where he studied Broadcast Journalism at ASU. He soon shifted his interests to literature and took courses in creative writing. As with most first novels, his was unpublishable and he elected to keep writing as a hobby and forged an unhappy career in banking. Nearly two decades later, he met a woman in Ireland who took notice of his hobby and convinced him to publish his works. Galway moved to Ireland, married the woman and has been writing ever since. Abyss readers will find great delight in his Fairy Trilogy and his particular take on the apocalypse:

Uriel’s Gift

The Fairy Hunters

Rain of Light

The Last Apocalypse

J. Conrad Guest

J. Conrad Guest has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to write stories of action, love, mystery and morality; tales that cross genres, seizing the imagination of the reader. Though his novels are varied and original, the reader will find that each is full of life’s lessons—full of pain and humor, full of insight and triumph. For Abyss readers he offers:

One Hot January

January's Thaw

A Retrospect in Death

james hobeck

J. R. Hobeck is a writer, poet, scientist and pharmacist. A native of the flatlands of northwest Ohio. He currently lives in Surprise, Arizona, with his wife, Jenni, his two children, Jake and Juli and his dog, Charlie. Hobeck's astonishing grasp of the possibilities of quantum mechanics and his abiding understanding of human nature are apparent and at full use in his Indigo novels:


The Winter


Sarah Jilek was born and raised in DeKalb, Illinois, a town of cornfields and humidity. She is currently studying English Literature and Creative Writing at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale and working at Grassroots Literary Magazine. She owes her love of reading and writing to J.R.R. Tolkien, John Steinbeck, and Sylvia Plath. Sarah is happiest while drinking anything with caffeine, and has cried at 80 percent of all the movies she has ever seen. Abyss readers will delight in her passionate, beguiling first novel:


Dellani Oakes

When she moved to Florida, Dellani Oakes decided to write. Her first novel was the well-received historical romance Indian Summer. Then she turned her attention to science fiction, penning a series of engaging, engrossing books that are as thrilling as they are romantic.  She is an avid writer, spending every possible moment immersed in the other worlds she has created--and shared with us in:

Lone Wolf


The Maker

Harry Margulies

Harry Margulies has written about romance, money, women, and other subjects he thoroughly enjoys but knows nothing about. The balance of his precious time is misspent as an internationally published cartoonist. Harry writes in numerous genres, but thankfully for those who love the paranormal, he has given us:

The Knowledge Holder

david pereda

Scholar, world traveler and speculative thinker, award-winning author David Pereda has brought his “Havana Series” of thrillers to Indigo Sea Press. A master at evoking human emotions, David has a multitude of unpredictable surprises in store for his readers. Two other books in the series will soon join his first offering:

Twin Powers

dorothy mcmillan

Well-known author Dorothy McMillan returns to the world of suspense, intrigue, deception and surprise. At the top of her game, McMillan thrills her readers as she teaches them and leaves them wanting more. Abyss presents two of her titles, with more coming soon:

The Gray Green Underground

Deadly Urges

H.V. PUrvis

H.V. Purvis was born in 1952 and reared in rural North Carolina near Siler City. He was raised in the country where he was exposed to farming, raising animals, hunting and fishing. While a youngster, he learned to handle guns, shoot, ride horses and spent many hours daily riding the trails around his home. Purvis is an avid reader. Several years ago, he and his active imagination developed a story idea. He wrote it out and began to develop it as a book. That story and the encouragement he received from his friends and family led to an obsession for writing. While he writes in several genres, his engrossing, unique visions of human possibility—and human nature—shine forth in: