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with our perseverance imprint, indigo offers readers a series of exceptional voices, women who share insight, experience and great wisdom in astonishing variety .


When Heather is a month old her parents are killed in an automobile accident. The news comes at 3:06 a.m. to Heather’s Aunt Claire; like a bullet already discharged singing through time and space with its song of death. Aunt Claire; loving, charitable, wise and beloved sister to Heather’s deceased mother, will now raise Heather. Aunt Claire is Heather’s ballast as she tries to help her niece understand the lurking cruelty in our world, as well as how to navigate life. Inherently, Heather is good inside, with a compassionate personality, but in spite of these qualities and her excellent upbringing; she falls in blind, capitulated love with a man ten years her senior.

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c.d. faulconer

J.D. Faulconer was born in Walla Walla. In 1985, she moved to the Mayacama Mountains above the valley floor of vineyards in Sonoma, California; where she lives and writes inside the natural world in both its giving and taking necessities. Her first book, When God Cries (Portrait of a Child Slayer) is a true crime that grew to international reputation and has been translated into many languages. The Misstep of Heather Bainbridge, is her second book.  A fictional telling years in the making, it responds to the light and darkness; to the fairness and unfairness of living.


Internationally published bead artist, Jonna Ellis Holston embarks on her literary journey. Born in Worcester Massachusettes, Holston spent her formative years in the historic City of Lowell. Ms Holston blazed the field of television broadcast engineering. She brags that she has spun reels and flipped toggles in some of the better TV stations in the Greater Boston and Miami-Ft Lauderdale areas. Holston moved to Kernersville, North Carolina in 1995. “To grow up in a tough city like Lowell and end up in a gentile place like Kernersville is funny enough.” Funny, lusty, unexpected--that's her portrait of life for the 60-something woman


If there are 50 ways to leave your lover then perhaps there are, at least 50 ways to connect with one. In spite of the odds for woman over a certain age, Sophie Chace finds stirring erotic romance in a small and unsuspecting town.

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 Lindsay Luterman grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. She is a yoga teacher and a Reiki master. She loves creative writing and believes storytelling is one of the true wonders of the world and has a fascination with the voices of characters. Her first novel seamless draws readers into the vital, shifting life story of a remarkable main character--who happens to be dead, but still has choices to make.

mercy's sunset

Jane Doe awakens in a world of nothingness after living three lives. Without having memories of any of them, she must relive them with the help of her guide, Thyme. With three wonderfully short lived lives, and three intense, passionate loves, Jane Doe must choose who she wants to be in her afterlife and who she wants to take with her.

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Maribeth Shanley lives in Myrtle Beach, SC, with her husband Bob Bibb.  Once retired she decided to try her hand at writing.  “I’ve always loved to write and dreamed of becoming a writer.  Never did I imagine, however, it would actually happen.” Although writing from personal experience, Maribeth decided to create a whole cast of characters as she describes the pain of molestation.  “I gave Emily, my central character, a support group early in her life.  I feel that strong support groups are so important to children suffering from any type of neglect or abuse.  It’s the very mechanism that helps them think outside the box in order to do things they would otherwise be too intimidated to do.” 

a view to the unknown

This sequel follows the journey of Emily, a young woman determined to put her past in perspective of her entire life. Emily fights to find happiness as she turns her back on anger, sadness and revenge and focuses instead on love and kindness. It’s also a romance of a different kind. First, Emily must learn to love herself. This sets her free to love the one male she’s always loved as they journey through life together finding that there is more to our existence than meets the eye. It’s a story that will make you laugh, cry and marvel at human resilience and sheer will. It teaches you that happiness is a choice!

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crack in the world

About to turn 12, Emily is determined never to be sexually molested by her father again. A member of a large family she feels alone and isolated; yet determined to grow up positive and happy. The family’s move to Rhode Island opens the possibility of a new life for her and those she loves, as well as introducing her to those who will become the major players as she decides to turn her world upside down.

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Donna Small fell in love with the written word at a very early age, frequently ignoring her teachers in order to discreetly read hidden books in class. All grown up and still in love with writing, she lives in Clemmons, North Carolina. The author three well-received novels, she is currently at work on another.

a ripple in the water

Kate Penner, a lovely young widow raising her seven year old daughter, has managed to put her life back together with the help of good friends and a year to recover from her husband's accidental death. Fate isn't through dealing surprises to Kate, however. A much younger man, irresistible and charming, has come back into Kate's life, bringing with him a highly charged secret that will change many lives and relationships permanently. At a point in her life when she thought maintaining was the best she could do, Kate must decide if she can laugh, trust and love once again.

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just between friends

Emma's best friend Layne is getting married to Andy, the old friend Emma has always secretly loved. For the sake of dear friends, Emma keeps her love for Andy to herself. But what is she to do when Layne begins a torrid affair and expects Emma's complicity as she cheats on Andy.

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through rose colored glasses

Reid Hamilton is beyond striking—well over six feet tall and a far better than average physique just lurking beneath his overly starched shirt and crisp pants. But besides that, there is something much more intriguing about him—something that attracts his new employee, Rose, to him immediately. Rose decides to make her new boss into her new man. And she sees that fact that he is married as a minor challenge to her plan. 

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Leigh Somerville is the author of a marvelous trilogy emerging from the life of fictional Georgetown attorney Rachel Springer: her life is in order and proceeding calmly and prosperously until she begins to encounter a number of interlopers, beginning with a mangy stray dog named Ralph. Love--and love's grandchild--aren't far behind. Things begin to change irrevocably for Rachel as Leigh guides us through her rapidly transforming life. Leigh lives in Winston-Salem, NC, where she offers coaching and writing retreats at Studio Somerville. 

black dog magic

Leigh Somerville delivers the third and last novel in the trilogy that began with It All Started with a Dog. The same theme - the importance of community in a world where edges are sometimes painfully rough - runs through these final pages. The challenges of love and loss - and all the lessons learned along the way - come alive in the characters and stories woven together by one common thread - a little black dog.

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It all started with a dog

Despite the good intentions of match-making friends, family, and neighbors, Rachel Springer, a tough Washington, D.C. lawyer, has spent a lifetime protecting her heart from the dangerous possibilities of love. When she finds a ragged stray dog on the streets of Georgetown and brings him home with her, she starts a sequence of startling events that lead her down a path she's never explored. 

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all good things

Ralph the dog is back, bringing with him the entire beautiful cast of characters from Leigh Somerville's inaugural novel. Yet once again this wonderful continuation, All Good Things is the story of young Ben Turner, his grandfather John and the love they feel for marvelous Rachel Springer. At 62, engaged to the man of her dreams, Rachel suddenly finds the idea of marriage to be absurd–until she makes the chance discovery of a secret bequest left to her by her grandmother. 

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Heidi Thurston was born, and spent her early years, in Copenhagen, Denmark. In her late teens she immigrated with her parents to New York City. Heidi worked as a journalist, feature story writer, weekly columnist, and reporter for The Evening Times, in Sayre, Pennsylvania. She is the recipient of numerous awards from the Pennsylvania Press Association and has been published in a variety of periodicals. This is her first novel. She resides in Kannapolis, North Carolina, with her husband Chuck Thurston. The couple have two sons and a daughter, seven grandchildren and two great-granddaughters. Her life experiences provided a backdrop for her first novel.

The duchess, the knight & the leprechaun

A widow in her middle years, Anna Thornberg has recovered from the loss of her long-time husband Robert, a caring and cheerful Irishman who harbored a secret dark side. Anna’s best friend, Reenie, decides that Anna needs a man in her life and, by reading an old high school diary, discovers the identity of Anna’s first love. Ultimately the two are put in contact with one another and the beginning of a pilgrimage of love rekindled begins, a love that spans two continents and many decades.

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"For women of a certain age who want a romantic relationship, for the men lucky enough to find them, and for their daughters and granddaughters, who may be surprised to learn that although the over-seventies are older, they still want to love and be loved." --from Suzie Walker's dedication in Sex and the Senile


Suzie Walker is a septuagenarian who has lived in nine states. She has collected stories along the way and has woven them into a rollicking novel about fictional Marge Avery. Marge has entered the dating scene two decades after divorce. Suzie is the mother of four and grandmother of three, all—so far—upstanding citizens, who may now spend time explaining to friends that, yes, our mother/grandmother is a shade off norm.

Sex and the senile

Often they begin as replies to internet searches, casual visits in personal chat room and the occasional, tentative phone call. They start innocuously, haltingly, after which Marge's adventurous relationships take off in unpredictable, surprising directions. The on-line dating scene astonishes, titillates and amuses this divorced woman as she reenters the world of romance fifty years after her first entree--only to discover not much has changed, especially when it comes to available men.

Now available at $10.95 plus tax.